Our Story

hackmyGrowth is a growth marketing agency established out of a desire to disrupt traditional marketing and the often very poor results it produces.

As a startup founder, I have learnt the hard lessons myself that many agencies will sell you what they specialise in, regardless of whether it will be effective for your business. They exploit the information asymmetry between themselves and you. You’re there for their help and they end up helping themselves.

It used to be good enough as a business owner to ask for an annual marketing plan and make sure your sales lead was talking to your marketing lead in order to grow. Now in an age where the customer is well and truly king, the question to ask your marketing team is not just 'how many leads are you sending me this month' but ‘what should we do to improve our performance across the customer life cycle'.

We take the best of what Silicon Valley is putting into practice right now to create the next unicorn to grow your business rapidly.

Our Team

Angus MackayGrowth Lead

Angus is our commercial champion. He’s an assured custodian of growth for your business and has broad professional experience as an advisor, company leader, startup founder and marketer.

We actually love and respect people. Building valuable relationships really is a lot easier when this becomes a foundation principle.

Robb SnellTech Lead

Robb is our systems savant. He embraces complexity and deciphers business requirements with rapid proficiency to produce systems customers don’t want to live without. Robb is a accomplished business leader, technology strategist and product designer.

Whilst there are endless systems and tools to capture your imagination, focus on the experience you need to create for your customer first.

Louisa MackayCustomer Lead

Louisa is our customer champion. She lives and breathes life through the lens of your customers and has vast experience converting that potential into tangible business value. Louisa is a talented business leader, strategist and experience designer.

We’ve moved on from being customer centric. The new standard is to build relationships that deliver value and meaning to your customers.